5 Feng Shui Tips to Invite Great Energy into Your Home

Author: Echo Grove   Date Posted:17 September 2017 

Feng Shui is a philosophical practice, closely linked to Taoism, incorporating practices to create positive energy flow within the home. Feng Shui is created using architecture and design to encourage a positive free flowing home, easily releasing bad energy.

Here are 5 Easy steps to incorporate more Feng Shui Practises into your home!

  1. De-Clutter Your Home

The first step to a cleaner, lighter home is to de-clutter! Remove all of your unwanted accumulated junk that you don’t need or love and prioritise 10-15 minutes each day to progressively remove all of the unwanted items. Clutter disrupts the flow of ‘chi’ (Energy) and creates negative energy within the home, de-cluttering however, has the opposite effect.


  1. Open Up To Positivity

Create free flowing entry ways with minimal clutter. Your foyer is the opening to your home, so remove all visible obstacles and place something beautiful to enjoy. Art, plants, mirrors and furniture are a great idea.


Open widows and allow as much natural light inside your home!

A good Feng shui home is welcoming and nourished by strong flow of positive energy.

By doing this you allow new clean air to circulate through out your home, releasing all stagnant, heavy energy outside.


  1. Welcome Nature Inside

Purchase some low maintenance plants and place them inside your home, this will help absorb toxins and purify the air.


  1. Flowing Water

Flowing water is important in Feng Shui as it represent wealth and cash flow. Place your fountain close to the entry of your home, facing the front door or outside to signify wealth flowing. The fountain can be placed anywhere within your home as long as its flowing toward the centre of your home. It is not recommended to place a fountain in a bedroom as this represents worry and sorrow.


  1. The Bedroom

Feng shui uses the ‘command position’ which suggests placing the bed head facing the door, however not directly in front of the door. Your bed should have clear entry and exit ways, and ideally have your bed placed diagonally from the door. This is not always possible, so instead try placing a free-standing mirror in place, to allow you to see the door while in bed.



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