Advantages of modular furniture

Author: Echo Grove   Date Posted:17 September 2017 

Your lounge is a focal point in your home, designed to laze around with loved ones and graciously compliment your living space.

Modular lounges are a clever take on a classic sofa, designed to effortlessly create various configurations and sizes, suitable for your home. The great thing about going modular is its adaptability to small or large areas, allowing you to tailor its size, suitable for your special requirements.


A Modular sofa is a sectional lounge, created using individual elements, which allow you to design various configurations within the one lounge setting. Modular lounges typically come with a left or right facing chaise, corner piece, left or right end pieces as well as an individual seat.


Modular lounges work well in small or large settings, as the size of your sofa varies, depending on the number of pieces you purchase. What is great about choosing a modular lounge, is the flexibility to be rearranged in multiple configurations, since each piece is created separately.


Like most sofas modular lounges tend to be created in either fabric or leather. Full Grain Leather is easy to clean, and durable, which is important when taking longevity in mind. Heavy fabrics however are usually far more cost effective, soft and easy to clean depending on the colour and quality of the material. Fabric lounges also tend to be more trendy as they add textural depth to the space, by using various new weaves and patterns.


Lounges are a large investment, and like any other sofa, its important to keep quality in mind. When shopping for a modular lounge question the frames quality. Some lounges are created using cheap materials and eventually deform, losing their original shape and comfort. Look for frames created using a hard woods as they will maintain their shape and not collapse.

Modular sofas, are trendy and functional, allowing you to rearrange various sofa configurations within your home. Modular sofas are great when furnishing small or large spaces, as it’s a light weight sectional setting. Next time you shop for a new sofa, look at modular lounges, each setting is unique, effortlessly complimenting your home. 

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