Choosing the right dining table

Author: Echo Grove   Date Posted:17 September 2017 

Dining room tables are one of the pinnacle settings in your home. A place where memories are made and unforgettable words are spoken, so when purchasing your dining table, you want to make sure it extenuates the space and accommodates your personal needs. Here are some distinguishing factors when purchasing a dining room table.


Round tables are an ideal choice for smaller more intimate spaces, like apartments or town houses. Round tables centre everyone, creating a more inclusive and engaging setting for you and your guests, as well as possessing a soft, rounded shape, appropriate for young families and children.


Square tables work well in square shaped dining rooms, helping and maintaining the balance of the space. They are a contemporary style table, ideal in smaller spaces perfect for seating 4 or 8 guests.


Rectangle tables are an elegant addition to your home, allowing you to effortlessly entertain guests in small or large crowds. What is great about rectangular tables is they can squeeze into smaller spaces or highlight larger spaces, while remaining warm and humble. Individual seating or bench chairs are both appropriate seating options when purchasing your table, however bench chairs are a great idea to easily squeeze more people onto the table.

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