Comparing leather and fabric for your lounge

Author: Echo Grove   Date Posted:17 September 2017 

Leather vs Fabric Lounge

Sofas are a large investment so you want to make sure your fabric choice will provide you with optimum longevity, to withstand the future years of use. There is a topical debate on what is better, leather or fabric lounges? Typically full grain leather will last longer than fabric lounges, how ever the quality of the fabric used will be the ultimate defiant when it comes to the fabrics longevity.


Fabric Lounges are machine tested, which tests the number of times the fabric has been rubbed before the fibre wears. This is important when looking at the durability of the sofas colour, texture and shape.


The comfort of your lounge depends on the fabric quality. High quality fabrics are usually softer and more durable, allowing you to sink into its comforting, cloud like material. Being an organic product leather, like in your car warms and cools in summer. Which can leave you hot and sticky, so fabric lounges are a great investment when living in warmer climates.


If you are looking for a lounge that is easy to clean opt for thicker, high quality fabrics as they are often treated to be water and stain resistant. Small spillages and spots can usually be cleaned with a soft fabric cleaner.


In many cases fabric sofas are usually more cost effective, which is great for families or young tenants.


Fabric works easier than leather in sofa construction, enabling more creative and innovative sofa designs. Fabric sofas are great to create textural depth by using different colour shades and weaves.



Leather lounges all vary, depending on its fabric quality. You can purchase Faux, full grain, top grain, bonded and Nubuck leather which all wear, look and feel different.

Full Grain leather is highest, most authentic type of leather you can purchase. Full grain leather is the most expensive, and highest quality leather produced. Usually firm when first purchased, softening over time.

Top Grain Leather falls right under full grain leather, the quality and durability is the same as full grain leather, only it has had more buffing and polishing to create a softer product.

Bonded Leather is more cost effective, using the scraps and off cuts of genuine leather to create a leather looking and smelling lounge. It is not as durable of full or top grain leather; however, it should last longer than a fabric lounge.

Nubuck Leather has a soft sued like appearance, created using only the cattleā€™s raw hide. Nubuck requires waterproofing as it is a fragile fabric.

Faux Leather, is a synthetic product created to look and feel like leather. Faux leather is great for animals lovers and vegans as it contains no animal products and is cheaper than genuine leather products.


What is great about genuine and synthetic leathers, is they all tend to wear much better than fabric lounges. Synthetic leathers are ideal for families with pets or children as the synthetic material is not pores and is easily cleaned from scuff marks or dirt. Genuine leather is always the most hard wearing and long lasting material for a lounge, so cleaning and durability is always going to long outlive any synthetic or fabric product. Unlike fabric lounges scratch marks can occur so it is wise to keep pets off the leather or purchase an insurance plan like care cover to take care of any accidental damages.


Because of the leathers organic fibres leather lounges age well, becoming softer and more inviting. Leather sofas are also hypoallergenic and breathable dissipating heat and cold quickly.


Leather adds classic elegance to a room, you can opt for a classic Chester style sofa for a more traditional feel or a cleaner lined, hand rubbed sofa for a more modern style.

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