How Make A Small Space Look Bigger with Furniture

Author: Echo Grove   Date Posted:17 September 2017 

With metropolitan living on the rise, people are looking to do more with less, maximising its utility in the space they live in. Small spaces can be challenging to furnish, so here are some of our favourite tips to help you increase the size of your space while remaining functional and stylish.


Stay away from crazy patterns and stripes, this can look overcrowded and messy. Cool, neutral colours like white, beige and blue will help create a visual illusion that the space is larger than it is. As well as sticking to a consistent colour theme, this will help create a more harmonious flow through out the room.


Large Bulky sofas can really overwhelm and minimise the space in your home, so look for slim, clean lined sofas, with a slight elevation. This will help open the space in a subtle way.


Look for a circular dining table. The rounded shape, allows for intimate dining and utilises the space well, creating a free-flowing space. Light coloured surfaces like marble or glass also work well, as they help open up the space.


Look for slim, clean lined chairs that don’t take up too much space. Large bulky chairs can look cluttered and minimise the space. Also try opting for lighter colours as the will lift the room.


Coffee tables can be bulky and an unnecessary addition to a small room, instead try side tables or tall storage units.


Mirrors are a universally known tool to help add visual dimension and spacial depth to a room. They reflect light creating an illusion that the space is bigger. As well as enlarging the space they are a great statement piece, becoming a nice focal point in the home.


Art can help balance the scale of the room, by adding height. You could use one large piece or a number of smaller pieces.


Large windows and day light will always open a space how ever pendant lights, lamps and fixed lighting can also enlarge or shrink a space. Look for dim lighted pendant lights or lamps to create an intimate feel or  opt for brighter led lights to open up the space.


Floor to ceiling shelving, is great to maximise storage space, as well as add height to the room. Look for practical, slim, clean lined shelves that are not too bulky and chunky as this will help ‘heighten’ your ceilings. 

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