Take The Set Sale Policy

'Take The Set' Sale & Purchase Terms & Conditions

Each set is a one-time offer to whoever purchases the 'Take The Set' offer first. We are only offering one limited-time 'Take The Set' deal at a time and reserve the right to review our offer without notice. Once any current 'Take The Set' offer has finished, we reserve the right to choose whether or when to introduce a new 'Take The Set' offer. 

We will not release information about any possible upcoming 'Take The Set' offers. Each 'Take The Set' offer will be unique and only available for purchase during the period listed. We will not match pricing for individual pieces included within the set to be purchased separately. 

All products within the 'Take the Set' offer are sold 'as is, this is non-negotiable. We will not be held, raincheck or reserve any 'Take The Set' offers regardless of the situation. All 'Take The Set' purchases must be made in full at the time of purchase. Each 'Take The Set' offer will be sold 'as is' with no substitutions or subtractions from the listed set. 

All 'Take the Set' purchases are final, we do not offer warranties, refunds or returns for any products within the 'Take The Set' offer. Some pieces included in any 'Take The Set' offer may be sold as an ex-display model, floor-stock, repaired product or minor defect product and are sold 'as is. If you wish to enquire regarding condition, please contact us directly or visit us in-store. All 'Take The Set' purchases must be either collected from the store within 3 days of purchase or delivered on our next available delivery date.


Please remember, it's first in, first-served so don’t wait to take advantage of this incredible deal!