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When you invest in high-quality furnishings, it’s worth protecting them so you can treasure and enjoy those pieces for years to come. With Echo Groves collection of homewares Carecover Protection, you can extend the life of your leather, fabric and timber pieces and keep them looking their best for longer.


Shop Carecover Protection and maintain the value of your furniture

No matter how sturdy or well-made your furniture is, with daily use, it will naturally start to show wear and tear over time. Especially if you have children or pets in your home, Carecover Protection products are essential for maintaining the look and integrity of your furniture. We recommend purchasing Carecover Protection to keep on hand in your home in case of accidents, so you can treat surprise spills, water damage or other unexpected damage quickly — avoiding major damage. 


Explore the range of Carecover Protection products today

For indoor and outdoor timber furniture, a preventative approach using water-based cleansers and protective oils will stop grime and dust buildup while also protecting from liquids and the elements which can age timber prematurely. Our timber Carecover Protection is formulated using all-natural ingredients and will also assist in providing UV protection and help prevent sun fading. 

Our natural and biodegradable fabric care products are used by our team in-store and are highly recommended for protecting fabric couches, cushions, and chairs from the harsh Australian climate. The easy-to-use Carecover Protection for fabric is perfect for preventing mould and mildew.

Our complete leather Carecover Protection kits are appropriate for both PU and genuine full-grain leather furniture. Prevent fading and repel moisture which can age leather and cause cracking with the all-natural formula.

To extend the life of any of your furnishings, look no further than Echo Grove’s homewares Carecover Protection range.

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