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The outdoor dining table is the central point of any outdoor experience. From daily use of your outdoor area to family and friends gathering to share a meal and so many more uses, your outdoor dining table is an important part of your outdoor setting. At Echo Grove, we understand that which is why we offer an exquisite range for you to choose from. Buying an outdoor dining table has never been easier.

Selecting the perfect table

When looking at an outdoor dining table for sale, size really does matter! Consider the space in which you wish to have your table located. You may require a larger table for gatherings but prefer a smaller table for everyday use. Within our range of outdoor furniture, you will find extension tables that are exquisitely crafted to a high-quality finish and delightfully versatile. A good tip is to also remember there needs to be ample room around the outdoor dining table to accommodate chairs that are pulled out so you and your guests can easily get up and down from the table unhindered. Pairing the right chairs with your table can be a challenge that is easily resolved by browsing our range of outdoor dining chairs and bar stools. At Echo Grove, we stock everything you need to create the ultimate outdoor dining setting.


Professional delivery

When you buy an outdoor dining table with Echo Grove, your piece will be delivered by a professional logistics team who specialise in furniture handling. Our entire online process has been created to provide a convenient, easy-to-use experience, and our delivery process ensures the final step in your purchase is stress-free.

Discover the excellence that is the Echo Grove. Shop online with us today or contact us for assistance.

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