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In its unique style, the Echo Grove collection of aviator furniture is classy in a bold and masculine kind of way. Aviator furniture was originally created from the need to repurpose materials from World War II, giving each piece a dark and edgy style from the outset. Today, our aviator collection replicates the original design with its one-of-a-kind pieces that will stand out in your home, creating a talking piece for visitors that speaks to your individual style.

Bold pieces with a rustic feel

Where the original aviator furniture may have contained quite a bit of rust, the Echo Grove aviator collection is a little more rustic. Each piece in this collection displays truly unique qualities, making bold statements in your home. With strong lines and distressed leather finishes, our aviator furniture pieces are the perfect complement to your home, whether you’re theming your place in this historical style, or simply using key pieces to add a touch of individuality to your décor. 

Original materials for a unique style

By using materials such as silver aluminium and brass in many of our pieces, our aviator furniture collection stays on style with dark colours that will match other furnishings nicely in most homes. Inspired by Spitfire planes and Black Hawk helicopters, the pieces in this collection feature differing elements of interlocking, multi-riveted distressed materials, and curved metal handle details to pay homage to the origin of this unique style of décor.   

Using history to create a modern style

This is one of the only modern décor styles in home furnishing that tells a story. Whether you are a dedicated history buff or just looking for a style that is inspired, there are pieces in our aviator furniture collection that will be just right for you. Shop by style in our online store or visit our Brisbane showroom to get the look and feel for this unique furnishing style. With delivery available Australia-wide, there is nothing stopping you from creating an inspirational space, that is keeping up with the best in modern style. 

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