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A sophisticated take on coastal living, Hamptons furniture design consists of soft, natural fabrics in hues of blue and beige. Inspired by wealthy Americans in the Hamptons of upstate New York, it is a popular design style due to its natural textures and abundance of layered lighting. More relaxed versions of the Hamptons design pair pastel colours with rustic materials.

Incorporating the Hamptons style

One of the best things about the Hamptons design is its timelessness. When you choose to decorate your home in this style, you never have to worry about it falling out of favour. Incorporating a Hamptons design is not difficult. To get the look, you will need:

  • Lots of navy and white colours
  • Tufted-back seating
  • Piped upholstery
  • Glass-fronted storage and cabinetry
  • Lattice patterns
  • Stripes (broad and ticking)
  • Jute and sisal rugs
  • Wicker, rattan, and bamboo
  • Seagrass baskets

Hamptons design accent furniture

Hamptons design accent furniture is one of the best ways to pull the entire look together. From wicker coffee tables and rustic timber side lamp tables to coastal coffee tables, we offer a variety of accent furniture in the Hamptons design. Achieve the perfect mix of clean and contemporary pieces that incorporate rustic and imperfect touches with any of our Hamptons furniture pieces. Mix and match to create your unique take on the style.

Effortless decorating

The Hamptons design works best with a layered approach. Find a piece you absolutely adore and build the rest of the Hamptons look around it. Choosing a piece of art that exudes the Hamptons feel is a great focal point on which to start decorating a room. Once you have the art selected, pick furniture designs and accent pieces that complement it.

Need some assistance pulling the look together in your unique space? Enquire with our design experts for assistance making the best selections.

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