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If you’re getting a little tired of your home’s appearance, now might be the time to purchase a few stylish enhancements, such as beautiful lamps that can breathe a new lease of life into any room. At Echo Grove, we source the most original and high-quality lamps before making them available to you at the nation’s best value prices. And because we have such a broad product selection, we guarantee to have a lamp that you’ll love for years to come.


All our lamps are manufactured in line with Australia’s most stringent quality and safety standards. If you’d like to find out how we source such beautifully designed lamps or need help narrowing down your options, we’re only a phone call away.

Our selection of indoor and outdoor lamps 

Our lamps are much more than just highly stylish decorative items. They’re practical lighting solutions that can bring out the best of your home’s existing style. You can use our table lamps instead of your roof lights to create an intimate atmosphere in your abode. Whether you need a lamp for reading, creating ambience at night or improving your home’s appearance, you can feel confident we have the perfect product for you.

In addition to indoor lamps, we also proudly stock a large selection of outdoor lamps that will make your garden a welcoming place to relax when the sun goes down. We source outdoor lamps that can withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, making them high-value investments that will remain as good as new in the years to come. 

Call us to learn more about our lamps 

At Echo Grove, our mission is to source the best lights, decorations and furniture items on the market and make them available to you at prices that simply can’t be beaten. So, browse our range to find lamps that reflect your stylistic preferences today, or give us a call for expert advice.

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