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Once shunned as a design style suitable only to factories and warehouses, industrial design is quickly gaining favour amongst even the most discerning homeowners. Industrial pieces bring the beauty and diversity of exposed materials such as brick, concrete, and weathered timber to our most treasured living spaces.

Sustainability leading the trend

Sustainability is helping to lead the trend toward upcycled and repurposed furniture. Industrial pieces fit into this style nicely. Reclaimed timber is a popular industrial design element because it blends well with shades of grey and other raw materials common to industrial pieces. The ultimate goal of industrial design is to create a modern-meets-vintage contemporary vibe. Focusing on textures and encouraging the use of recycled materials is what helps this design trend endure.

Industrial furniture design

From urban apartments to family homes in the country, industrial furniture designs blend well in any abode. To effectively create the look, interior designers must create intimate spaces by featuring large key pieces of furniture in a paired-back setting. A designer’s touch makes all the difference in selecting the right combination of furniture, lighting, and upholstery to deliver superb results.

Shopping by style

From industrial studded table lamps to industrial drink trolleys, there is an industrial piece for every home. Echo grove features a vast selection of industrial furniture. Whether you wish to mix and match industrial pieces with more traditional offerings to create an eclectic look and feel, or you want to fill an entire room with industrial furniture designs, we have the pieces you need to accomplish the look. Spark conversation with your guests with an industrial buffet chest of drawers or a rustic industrial console table with rope and steel in natural oak.

Peruse our extensive line of industrial pieces and enquire with our industrial furniture design experts for assistance making the best selections.

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