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Living in a log cabin is not a prerequisite for pulling off a rustic design. Rustic is an all-encompassing term that describes several different design styles, including farmhouse décor and Tuscan-style estate. One of the best ways to differentiate rustic style from others is by its natural, rough, and aged look and feel. Rustic furniture designs are casual and often handmade. Rustic furniture designs are heavy and oversized yet feel cosy.

Creating a rustic space

With a natural colour palette, getting a rustic design to work in any living space is easy. Tossing about a few bold pieces is encouraged to liven up a rustic style room if they incorporate earthy tones. Rustic design is many things, including warm and inviting. Perfection is not the goal with rustic furniture. It is not meant to look cookie-cutter in its design or feel and should incorporate a variety of colours, shapes, and textures. Rustic furniture designs that prominently display reclaimed wood are increasingly popular for this style.

Rustic furniture design for every taste

Introducing a touch of rustic design into any room is possible when done with care. Mixing rustic and modern looks is a popular approach, but certainly not the only way to incorporate a rustic look and feel into any space. Furniture made from reclaimed wood or other natural wood sources lends themselves to blending well with any style. Rustic furniture design is appreciated for its aesthetic design and ability to add significance to any room.

Design schedules to inspire

Including a few rustic pieces into any room is a great way to push your design boundaries. Our knowledgeable design and service team members are here to help. Stop by our Brisbane location for a friendly chat about how to make a rustic design work for you.

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