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Lounge furniture is the centrepiece for every living space — Whether you are looking to furnish your new living space or to upgrade your existing décor, Echo Grove has you covered.


Embrace your Lounge Furniture Style with Comfort

We bring you stylish lounge designs to ensure a great look and to provide you with the ultimate functionality. You can snooze, chat, read a book or play your favourite video games with maximum comfort. 

Explore the stylishly curated lounge furniture for sale at Echo Grove Furniture & Living. From compact minimalist sofas to spacious and modular sofas, our lounge furniture can bring your living space to life. We feature trending designs, quality fabrics and leathers. 


Elevate Your Living Room with Echo Grove’s Lounges

Whether you’re an urban dweller seeking to renovate a solo studio or create an open space for your growing family, your furniture should reflect your lifestyle and needs. 

How you design your living space with unique design pieces allows you to enliven the mood and experience and transform your space to your specific needs. 

At Echo Grove, you can shop for lounge furniture that brings out your style and lets you maximise your space. We have a great selection of modular sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and more. Browse our extensive range of high-quality furniture online like our new stock pieces and lounge furniture that's on sale that will elevate your living experience. 


What Are My Lounge Furniture Options? 

Lounge rooms are furnished with furniture that creates a comfortable and functional living area. A lounge should have ample seating, convenient surfaces, ambient lighting, strategic shelving and entertainment units. 

The couch is the focal point of your lounge furniture, providing adequate space for relaxation and socialisation, while armchairs can act as a stylish accent. We have a wide collection of lounge suites, recliners, accent chairs, ottomans, stools and corner lounges to complete your lounge setting. 

Coffee and Side tables provide necessary surfaces for decorative pieces, lamps and miscellaneous items, like food and drinks for a movie night. And if you want to bring entertainment into your lounge, media entertainment units and consoles along with decorative shelving will be best for displaying decor. 


What Sofa Is Best For Me?

When choosing a sofa, consider the space availability, seating capacity, style, design and upholstery. Our selection of lounge seating at Echo Grove can give you inspiration for your room’s centrepiece. From Omont, a modern recliner, to the antique leather London Club, we have the sofa that will make your living space look and feel effortless. 


How to Maintain My Lounge Room Furniture?

Here are our top tips for maintaining your lounge furniture: 

  1. Dust and vacuum your furniture regularly to remove surface debris and prevent it from settling into the fabric. Use a small brush attachment to reach tricky areas. 
  2. Blot stains or spills promptly with a clean cloth or paper towel. Absorb as much liquid as possible and, depending on the fabric or upholstery, use a cleaning solution to remove any stains. 
  3. Rotate cushions (if possible) to promote even wear and prevent excessive indentations in specific areas. Also, regularly fluff pillows to maintain their shape.
  4. Limit direct sunlight exposure to your lounge furniture to prevent fading and discolouration. 
  5. Always refer to the care instructions specific to the material of your furniture. For example, we don’t advise using wet cleaning products on natural fabrics, but most leathers can withstand some moisture.