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Vintage and retro are two different decorating styles, each with their own panache. Vintage allows us to connect with the past, streamlining antique pieces into our modern décor. Retro also pays homage to times past but with a more subjective definition of what fits into the category. Echo Grove’s Vintage and retro inspired furniture design flawlessly recreates the look and feel of authentic vintage and retro pieces.

Vintage & retro furniture design

Whether you opt for a vintage or retro design, using a focal point to design around is a good start. For a living room, this could be a sofa. In a dining room, it could be the table and chairs. Whatever the main piece of furniture is for a room, it is a good rule of thumb to use it as the design centre.


Mixing and matching vintage and retro pieces into a more modern design is definitely OK. Following the rules of proportion and scale will assist in ensuring the pieces blend well. All items grouped into one living space should share a similar colour palette. 

Streamlining colours is one of the most efficient ways to create unity between design concepts. For example, choose a rug that prominently features colour and a vintage or retro lamp to help pull the pieces together into one harmonious design.

Expert advice

Interested in incorporating a vintage or retro look and feel into your living space? Our design and service team members can get you started on the right path. Stop by our Brisbane showroom to chat and gain some inspiration.

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