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A contemporary Brisbane lounge, tailor made to suit your home. The Maxwell is a multifunctioning resort grade quality lounge created to be functional and versatile while withstanding natures elements.

Constructed with powdered aluminium, tight knit wicker weave, heavy duty cushioning and wooden accents. The Maxwell is versatile Brisbane furniture Piece and can be extended, easily configured in left or right facing chaise, day bed, individual lounge or lounges. The wooden accents are able to be hidden or exposed simply by sliding the lounges frame in or out. Appropriate for casual use or to entertaining guests, the Maxwell show cases modern linear design, enhancing your outdoor patio or pool area.

Created using resort grade quality materials, the Maxwell is able to withstand natures elements while still looking sleek and stylish.

A contemporary Brisbane style resort grade quality piece, showcasing modern linear design. An outdoor essential, able to with stand Australian weather conditions. Easily maneuverer to suit every space and occasion, The Maxwell’s clever contemporary design is an outstanding focal point set to extenuate your outdoor space.

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An enchanting love affair of timeless design infused with a contemporary simplicity. The Bryce Cannon Chandelier possess classic elegance and a seductive charm while delicately bathing your dining room table in light with its hundreds of sparkly crystals. The ambient glow of the led lighting contributes to the enchanting atmosphere, leaving you with a euphoric ambience whilst charming even the most ostentatious of guests.


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Cleverly created toying with classic concepts, this gold-plated chandelier is created using a fine gold ring, delicately housing hundreds of individual crystals. The unique crystals have been skilfully designed to create a cascading effect, delicately dripping through the gold ring, creating waterfall of light.


Effortlessly suspended in natural lighting or illuminated, this sophisticated circular chandelier creates the ultimate euphoric atmosphere room.

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Beautiful suspending over a dining room table or formal setting the fine gold detailing and elegant crystals romanticise the space giving it a touch classic sophistication and old-world charm. The Bryce cannon Chandelier is an enviable talking piece, effortlessly enchanting your guests.

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Escape the city and dive into a modern touch of coastal luxury. The Cassie Outdoor Setting is designed to be enjoyed, ideal to lazily lounge around the pool or to entertain guests on a warm summers day by the barbeque. This resort wear quality setting is skilfully crafted using a powdered aluminium frame and grey string weave. Avalible in grey rope, left or right facing chaise as well as a variety of different colours.


Brisbane Australian summers are out lived by the pool, so investing in quality outdoor furniture is imperative to with stand the Brisbane Australian heat and maintain its original aesthetic and durability. Being Resort grade quality furniture assures you, you are getting the highest quality product while maintaining its modern aesthetic.


An Australian summer essential, tailor made using resort wear quality materials. The Cassie outdoor setting is the quintessential contemporary piece specifically designed with increased longevity to effortlessly compliment your outdoor space in Brisbane. Beautiful Brisbane furniture.

Inspired by aerodynamics and all things military, this is the ultimate bachelor pad piece, ideally showcased in an office or bedroom. Bedroom Furniture Brisbane.

Its unique shape has been created taking inspiration from World War II fighter jet planes, replicating the jets aerodynamic wings. The desk includes 3 functional ‘book shelves’ and 1.40m desk space.

The aviators character and charm comes from its unique imperfections seen through out the distressed alumium and uneven screws dispatched throughout the desk. Hand crafted

Hand crafted, using hand beaten aluminium and small uneven screws throughout. The aluminium contains small imperfections and scratches, intentionally created to replicate the distressed worn out appearance of WWII fighter jets in the 1930s-1940s.

Due to its deliberate distressing and natural hard wearing material, the alumiunium desk is durable and able to withstand regular use without further or noticeable damage. The natural properties found within the aluminium are ideal to reflect lights and resist corrosion.

The unique shape of this aviator style desk has been inspired by WWII aerodynamics. Taking inspiration from aeroplane wings and distressed metals, this hand crafted piece is the ultimate bachelor pad desk.

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Velvet is set to be capturing the hearts of designers permiating throughout vogue, leaving you with a taste of luxury.

We are seeing a real clash between old meets new in this year furniture dominating current home trends. With deep seating, flat arms, deep buttoning and velvet covers, the Chesterfield is a modern take on a classic sofa.


The flat arms give a modern take on a classic round arm while still retaining the original studded arm detailing. Deep seating and hard wood framing provides increased longevity for optimum comfort and quality. While Deep buttoning and velvet fabric provide touch of luxury to a classic style sofa.

The chesterfield is a statement lounge so go bold, green is set to be this year’s hottest colour. With the chesterfield available in a variety of different colours this sofa allows you to tailor your lounge to suit your taste. Appropriate for formal and casual dining, set to impress any guest.

Providing deep seating, deep buttoning and velvet fabric, the chesterfield is a modern take on a classic lounge, suitable for any home.


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Say good bye to rose gold and coper. You will be seeing a large shift from clean cut metallic into more industrial, silver metallic finishes and furniture. With hand buffed aluminium and antique leather this unique chair defines modern luxury and style.

The Aviator occasion chair was designed taking inspiration from military twin cockpit seats of the F-14 tomcat which was deployed by the US Navy in the 1970s. The distressed aluminium houses high quality antique leather with a hard wood frame providing longevity and opulence.

Audacious textures and simple colours are and dominating this year’s interior trends, mixing clean cut classic styles with industrial accents and accessories. The distressed, handed beaten aluminium shell, paired with the antique leather is a modern statement aviator chair, set to impress even the most ostentatious of guest

With a 360-degree turning circle this chair is perfect as an office chair or alongside a beautiful sofa attracting enviable attention.  

This chair is perfect to casually wind down, loosing yourself in a good book or as a unique feature piece. Made with hand beaten aluminium and antique leather this is an enviable defining modern luxury and style.

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