While the term Eclectic in design terms can be interpreted in many different ways, how should we interpret it as a style?

Is it Industrial? Glam Luxe, Contemporary, Loft, Haute Chic or sophisticated modern?

Well the answer is; all of the above. For instance, its not about displaying or arranging a random mix of furniture or artwork around your house. There are some rules you need to follow. But when done right it becomes more about you. I see it as an interpretation or an expression of what it is you like on the side of design.

Its bringing together a mix of styles to create a look that works for you in your space. Its how you bring it together with the use of colours, shape, textures and finishes.

There’s nothing new about this type of style. First used by architects’ in the late 19th century when they wanted to retain and use different styles from a previous historic precedent but create unseen designs.

For me its about avoiding that term “matching interiors” or coordinating a scheme.

It can actually be one of the hardest schemes to master.

But how do you avoid the most common mistakes made when putting together your eclectic scheme? I mean you don’t want the room to turn out looking like a junk shop full of second hand furniture.

I like to start with your feature piece. For example, in the photo below for me the feature is the Stunning Black Chesterfield. 

The low lines of the sofa are broken by the tall industrial style library behind. but not over powering the sofa as it adds textures, also with books stacked on the shelves adding neutral tones and texture. The Bronze lamps create a step up between the the sofa and library and add a bit of glam with the crystal.

The use of neutral tones also in this scheme as a contrast to the dark tones; without clashing are blending to create a sense of warmth. Then the use of the clean modern lines of the contemporary coffee table with a neutral yet textured top works its own contrast with the black leather.

Its the use of iron, wood and antique leather that what works for me, I like that vintage finish. However, you would change the look instantly with a modern design sofa and modern stainless steel lighting arcing across the couch.

Whether it’s a modern apartment, Contemporary or Victorian style home you have; you can make Eclectic work for you. It’s a style that’s reflects our personality here at Echo Grove. We love using it in our own showroom or creating an eclectic or vintage scheme for our clients.

Our products reflect this. We want to provide our customers with the furniture that works best in this style. From vintage luggage to Rococo dining chairs and industrial credenzas we would like to think we could help you pull of that look that says “this is my style”.

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