Here are a few helpful tips to help assist you when styling outdoors!

Australian summers are lived outdoors, so now is the time to create the ultimate outdoor retreat! Styling outdoors doesn’t need to be expensive, it’s just important to incorporate key themes and features to work cohesively when creating your dream space.

Here are a few helpful tips when styling your outdoor space.....


Seek Inspiration! Gather inspiration from websites like Pinterest, Instagram and Houss to help inspire and assist you in creating themes and styles outdoors.


Start with a theme, what colours and styles are you looking to incorporate in your outdoor space. Think about the size of the space as well as the environment, do you live by the ocean? Surrounded by lush greenery and large trees? You may be interested in including navy blues and whites to create a Nordic, Hamptons Glam or greens, browns and timbers for a Lush Rain Forest Retreat.


Take into consideration the space you are looking to utilise. Small areas are great to create intimate nooks, while medium to large sized spaces are ideal for entertaining.


Different seating can play various roles, in larger spaces you can create multiple seating areas incorporating various features like a bar, a fire pit and bench, lounging deck chairs and a dining table.  

In small spaces day beds, lounge chairs, hanging egg chairs, bar sets and café table and chair settings work well.

In medium to large spaces look for large outdoor lounges, and dining tables created using timber, concreate or wicker.


Opt for low maintenance plants like cactus or succulents to add more texture and lush life to your outdoor space. Different colours and textured pot plants are also a great way to add depth and character outdoors.


Once you have your functional features pieces, styling can be an inexpensive way to tie the space together. Try incorporating different coloured cushions, decorative lamps, fire pits or lamps, rugs and candles.

Styling Outdoors doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s just about cohesively tying the space together. Gather inspirations, stick to a theme and purchase key functional pieces you can utilise the space with. Summer is nearing so now is the perfect time to get creative and style your dream space.



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