An enchanting love affair of timeless design infused with a contemporary simplicity. The Bryce Cannon Chandelier possess classic elegance and a seductive charm while delicately bathing your dining room table in light with its hundreds of sparkly crystals. The ambient glow of the led lighting contributes to the enchanting atmosphere, leaving you with a euphoric ambience whilst charming even the most ostentatious of guests.

Cleverly created toying with classic concepts, this gold-plated chandelier is created using a fine gold ring, delicately housing hundreds of individual crystals. The unique crystals have been skilfully designed to create a cascading effect, delicately dripping through the gold ring, creating waterfall of light.

Effortlessly suspended in natural lighting or illuminated, this sophisticated circular chandelier creates the ultimate euphoric atmosphere room.

Beautiful suspending over a dining room table or formal setting the fine gold detailing and elegant crystals romanticise the space giving it a touch classic sophistication and old-world charm. The Bryce cannon Chandelier is an enviable talking piece, effortlessly enchanting your guests.

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