Retro furniture has recently been seen everywhere.. it is trendy and unique how ever many people admire it with little knowledge on how to style it stylishly. Here are a few helpful pointers when incorporating retro style into your home.

2017 is all about the unity between old meets new, incorporating retro style furniture within the home.

Retro furniture is essentially anything made or that has taken inspiration from products produced between the 1950s-80s. Using shapes and textures popular in the past. Retro style furniture mainly takes inspiration from pop culture, fashion, graphic design, natural resources and world events occurring in the 1950s-80s. Sleek and bold lines where popular, as where organic colours and textures like timbers, as well as bold bright colours like pink and orange.

50s furniture was heavily influenced by a futuristic style, incorporating chrome, sleek lines and bold wall papers.

The 60s were all about highlighting psychedelic patterns, using floral print and bright colours like pea green, peach and saffron.

70s furniture embraced the “back to nature movement” using earth tones like brown, olive green and harvest yellows as well as teak and pinewood.

And finally, the 80s… the 80s was known for its striking lines, metallic accents and unique curves.

When incorporating retro furniture within the home, select a few key feature pieces to enhance the space. Here are a few helpful pointers when using retro furniture in your home!


Search around vintage and eclectic furniture stores to gather inspiration and key pieces to accessorise. Pendant lights, mirrors, clocks and ceramic ornaments are great decorative pieces.


Highlight key feature pieces like, lounges, dining tables and coffee tables. Remember retro is all about bold colours, timber finishes, geometric design and striking lines, so play around with different shapes and colours!


Gather a few statement pieces to show case in your home, but don’t go overboard. Too much can be overwhelming. Purchase key pieces and use minimalistic furniture to compliment.

Incorporating retro furniture in your home is a unique way to add visual depth and character to your home. Retro furniture is all about bold shapes, bright colours and geometric patterns so visit eclectic and vintage furniture stores too gather unique retro style pieces for your home!

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