Teak wood is one of if not the hardest wood available on the market, typically growing in tropical Asian countries like India or Indonesia. Teak trees naturally ward of dry rot, mould, fungus and parasites making it the ultimate choice for creating timber furniture and building materials.


Due to the natural oils permeating throughout the teak wood, teak products require little to no maintenance and performs exceptionally well in outdoor conditions.


Teak roots are the heart of the tree, responsible for the stability and wellbeing of the trees health. This means the roots are incredibly strong and play an important role in the foundation of the tree. Often the roots will be disregarded and left to rot in the soil however, by utilising the roots it allows for new trees to be planted and create a sustainable and environmentally friendly plantation.


Once the roots have been cleaned, the beautiful timber can be used to create unique, stunning pieces such as coffee and dining tables. As the roots are all organically formed no item created with teak roots will ever be the same, adding to the unique charm each piece possesses.


Some timbers attract termites and have the ability to split or cup, so it’s important to be educated and cautious on what your purchasing. By having a long-lasting product, it prevents further deforestation and contributes to a more suitable and ecofriendly environment.


Effortlessly enhancing and complimenting your home, teak is one of the hardest and most durable timbers available, requiring little to no maintenance. Teak has natural mould and pesticide repellent qualities deterring away destructive pests and substances. By purchasing teak roots or teak timber furniture you are investing in a high-quality timber product, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.




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