One of my personal favourites to work with. But how would I describe this style.
Well according to the Oxford dictionary “Vintage” could mean a number of things.
An “Era or time when a certain thing was produced,” “High Quality of a certain year”.
Or A thing of the past.

To me it is what I like to call “to old to be modern, but not old enough to be called Antique” or “old with a fresh coat of paint”.

For example; a vintage leather lounge suite is made from hand rubbed waxed or coated leather designed to look old on an older design sofa.

Putting a vintage leather on a modern design does not make it Vintage.

Vintage has a very blurry line between being vintage and being eclectic, meaning we use a mix of vintage, modern and traditional pieces to create a specific eclectic look.

Is vintage even a look? If all you are using are vintage pieces and fabrics, then yes.

That said, I like to use vintage pieces as part of creating a look that could be eclectic or classic in its appeal.

We have recently heard the term Vintage Modern! Which to me means modern designs of a certain era (say early 20th century) even though we still call them Modern pieces by design today, but by era they are vintage. E.g. Marcel Breuer or Le Corbusier designs.

So our interpretation is that you use vintage pieces (too old to be modern, but not old enough to be Antique), to create that fabulous Eclectic scheme.

Maybe it is time to unleash your vintage style.




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