Melbourne Furniture Store


Have you been searching all over Melbourne and beyond for the perfect classy and cosy bedroom furniture? Maybe you’re on the hunt for something new vintage, something classic and timeless. We’ve got good news: that perfect item you can’t seem to find in other Melbourne furniture stores might be waiting for you at Echo Grove.


When it comes to Melbourne furniture stores, Echo Grove stands out in style and quality. That’s because we’ve been where you are. The Melbourne furniture market is flooded with the same boring, standardised Melbourne furniture designs you keep seeing. Long before we were Melbourne furniture providers, we were buyers, and the selection Melbourne furniture stores had to offer wasn’t quite giving us what we wanted. Fortunately for our customers, we’ve changed that. We’re committed to offering luxurious, beautiful, functional, and durable furniture that will help you express who you are and what you love.


 Melbourne Furniture


So what do we want from our Melbourne furniture that we couldn’t find in other Melbourne furniture stores? What features do we make sure our Melbourne furniture is delivering every time? For Echo Grove it’s about ensuring your Melbourne furniture suits your Melbourne life and the unique person you are. Melbourne attracts a certain type of creative, inspired resident, and we stock unique furniture to help you express yourself.


We wanted to be a Melbourne furniture store that’s different. Now, we’re the Melbourne furniture store that stands out from other Melbourne furniture stores. Why? Because we demand a lot from our furniture, like you do. We want our Melbourne furniture to stand up to the fast, creative Melbourne lifestyle, by being stylish yet hardy. We want our Melbourne furniture to express your own unique individual style, by being unlike all the stock-standard Melbourne furniture store options on the market. And we want our Melbourne furniture to make you love the space you live in, by being exactly what you were looking for. Providing all these things from our Melbourne furniture store is our passion.


Yes, it might seem crazy to some people, but we really, really love furniture. We’re passionate about making a Melbourne furniture store that ensures our customers love furniture too.


Melbourne Furniture


What makes us stand out? Our variety, our quality, our passion, our unique styles, and our industry knowledge. Amongst the array of Melbourne furniture stores, we’re the ones who combine all these important factors in making our Melbourne furniture store truly special. Whether you’re trawling Melbourne furniture stores looking for that luxurious bed to set off your most personal space, or a knock-out bookcase to display your prized possessions, or an outdoor setting that will make those warm summer days even more glorious, we’ve discovered the perfect balance that will make our Melbourne furniture store your first stop.


We’re committed to having the most unique and exciting options on the Melbourne furniture market. This means knowing that Melbourne furniture buyers want something that stands out and makes a splash. We know your furniture expresses your personality, so we’re the Melbourne furniture store that stocks furniture as unique as you are. The best part is that, unlike many other Melbourne furniture stores, our styles stand out today, but also will stand the test of time.


Echo Grove is the Melbourne furniture store that understands how important quality and classic style is. We offer beautiful, durable materials like teak and real leather. These materials, combined with our gorgeous designs, from vintage to modern, mean that we’re the best choice when it comes to  a Melbourne furniture store for Melbourne customers who want something special.